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London city council recently consented to allow parking on city streets between 3-5 am. Previously this violation resulted in a $30 fine. It’s about time our local council applied some common sense to their decision making. Outside of the obvious cash grab there was no other logical reason to prohibit such a practice. There was the snow removal argument. In the summer? Give me a break. The need to clean the streets argument. Then why not allow parking on one side of the street for the first 15 days of the month, and on the alternate side for the following 15 days. Nobody on council smart enough to come up with that?

This followed the big “car idling” issue. Consideration was being given to reduce car idle times to one minute before being required to shut off the engine. The environmental impact of this was what exactly? Did someone do a study? What was the cost of enforcement going to be? Does the car know its only idling? My point being that this is a futile attempt to cure a symptom of the problem when the real solution might be better alternative methods of transportation to reduce the use of cars, period. I would ride my bike more if I was not so concerned about being wacked by an inattentive driver. Why not widen new roads to include a bike path? Why does a street need sidewalks on both sides? Could one side not be used for bikes and the other side for pedestrians? Again nobody on council smart enough to come up with that.

Don’t get me started on the provincial ban on weed & feed and other lawn care products. Why was this even a priority? Nobody died last year in Ontario as a result of weed and feed yet this becomes a top priority. Children are dying each day in the world from disease and malnutrition but no one seems to care. Saving weeds is more important.

Lastly I will take a shot at a local optical store offering two for one frames. Not that I am against the concept but based on the marketing campaign the owner must be a politician. The premise of the radio spot is that eye glasses are a fashion accessory and that you need two pairs one for work and one for evening. Fashion accessory? Really? I though eye glasses were to correct your vision. How sad that an important medical device get trivialized as a fashion accessory. Tell that to the people that can’t see without them.

We welcome your comments. Tell me your best “idiot politicians” story.