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Colleague David Grossman posted this list and I am in full agreement of as to how I think a mortgage broker or agent should engage his/her customers.

• Thou shalt not charge exorbitant fees
• Thou shalt not push a borrower into a mortgage they cannot afford
• Thou shalt not arrange a mortgage for a borrower who doesn’t understand the risks of the mortgage ie. variable vs. fixed
• Thou shalt not arrange a mortgage at a higher rate of interest than is necessary in order to earn a bigger finder’s fee
• Thou shalt not arrange a mortgage for a borrower on a longer term than is desired by the borrower in order to earn additional finder’s fees

• Thou shall always return calls promptly
• Thou shall keep clients up to date with the status of their application
• Thou shall give borrowers honest feedback about their application up front, whether it is strong or weak
• Thou shall respect the privacy of borrowers
• Thou shall put the financial well being being of borrowers above all else and treat borrowers as you yourself would want to be treated

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