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To build a successful business, entrepreneurs need to invest a lot of time and energy in their work.

This often results in a lack of exercise, sleep and a poor diet which ultimately leads to wear and tear on the body and mind and could lead to serious health issues. Inspired by a BDC article we look at 5 ways to get the busy entrepreneur back on track.

  1. Live well – Take time to spend with loved ones without worrying about the work needing your immediate attention.
  2. Get in shape – Schedule your exercise time as you would any meeting, as your energy levels and mental focus will improve.
  3. Delegate – Attempt to focus on only the task you need to do yourself and let others do the rest. Spend time doing what you enjoy and focusing on building the business.
  4. Take short breaks – Stepping away from the computer and taking a quick walk will replenish your energy and give you time to think.
  5. Be the master of your time – Time management is energy management. Reduce interruptions. Plan your day in 15 minute increments so the focus is on the most important tasks at hand. Schedule an end to your work day remembering that work will be there in the morning.