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Inspired by the teachings of artist and writer Jessica Hagy, I recognize that nothing incredible is accomplished alone. You need the help of others, and with the right mix of talent on your team, the impossible becomes inevitable. Are these people on your team?

  1. The Innovator. Someone who forces you to think outside the box and is a source of new ideas. The voice of inspiration.
  2. The Cheerleader. A strong supporter and advocate for your work who believes in your talent. The voice of motivation.
  3. The Devils Advocate. Someone who brings perspective and anticipates pitfalls before they occur. The voice of reason.
  4. The Taskmaster. The voice that demands results and is the steward of momentum and goals. The voice of progress.
  5. The Connector. This person helps you find new allies and reaches the people you can’t reach.  The voice of cooperation and community.
  6. The Mentor. The person who has been there and done that and the one you wish to emulate. The voice of true authority.

What role do you see for yourself within your mastermind group?

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