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Robbie Realtor boasted to me last week that he was the master of negotiation. He could always squeeze that extra $500 off of the purchase price or into the selling price of a home, depending on who he was representing. This would often involve multiple offers and counter offers, back and forth between realtors and clients, creating both stress and frustration for all involved.

I asked Robbie Realtor is he ever recommended to his clients that they obtain a second opinion on their mortgage from a seasoned professional with the best rates in the industry, namely me. Sadly for both of us, his answer was no.

Typically we are able to save clients thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on financing cost over the life of their mortgage based on a combination of rate, amortization and prepayment terms.  If Robbie Realtor really cared about his client’s best interest, the focus would not be on saving $500, but on understanding the “bigger picture” when it comes to real estate.

They say that purchasing a home is the biggest financial decision one would typically make in their life time. In reality it is your ability to finance this purchase that is the important decision.

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