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Real estate investors involved in house flipping projects often secure private lending. Perhaps they lack the renovation funds needed to complete the project. Perhaps they enjoy the ease of the private funding process. Private lenders use a “common sense” approach to lending. Each application is assessed based on a combination of income, credit and equity, but there are no hard rules with the lending qualification process, unlike a bank. When flipping a home the higher interest rates associated with a private mortgage can easily be absorbed into the overall renovation budget.

Our client was a house flipper with limited financial resources. All of their funds had gone towards the down payment and closing costs to acquire the property. They did not have the renovation money or even the ability to make the additional monthly mortgage payments. During a flip the home is vacant, so there is no rental income to offset the mortgage costs.

Our solution of a private mortgage, provided the necessary renovation funds and allowed the client to defer monthly payments until the sale of the home. Monthly mortgage payments were not required and the client was able to have a flexible payout date without penalties. We were paid back in full including interest at the time the house was sold.

I want to be your “go to guy” for all your mortgage financing but especially on your private mortgage needs. If you have been turned down by your bank, it does not mean a mortgage is not possible. Give me a call or drop me an email at and let’s discuss how I can help. I welcome your comments.