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Tinsurance imageeams are the way to go.  The Ravens are a team; they won the last Super Bowl.  The Prime Minister’s Cabinet is a team; they run the country.  The astronauts are a team on each launch; they successfully negotiate space/the moon/the space station.

Whether it’s football, government or exploring the final frontier, teamwork is necessary to success.  Without the right players, a team can’t win.

You need the right team working for you when you’re buying a home.  In the next four blog entries, the right kinds of people to bring to your team will be discussed.  A realtor, a mortgage agent, a real estate lawyer and an insurance agent are all vital team members.

In final installment of this four-part blog, I’ll look at attributes you should look for in an insurance agent with star power.

The Insurance Agent

A real estate transaction requires both property insurance and ideally some form of mortgage insurance. Finding an agent that does both is a bonus. Here are some considerations:

  1. Can your agent provide both a residential policy and either mortgage or a term life insurance policy?
  2. It is a lot easier to apply for insurance on-line in today’s marketplace. Comparisons are being driven strictly on price. What do you give up in terms of claims assistance by not dealing directly with an agent? Cheap insurance is no insurance if it is a hassle when you need to submit a claim.

We trust you have enjoyed our four-part series and that we have given you some things to think about the next time you purchase a home.

We welcome your comments.