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One of the benefits of my own blog is the forum for the occasional rant. The current public outrage over troubled insurance giant AIG paying out $165 million in executive bonuses after receiving billions in bailout funds from the Obama stimulus package provides some inspiration.

Our ailing Canadian economy is a direct result of the financial credit crisis in the United States, so we can’t help but shake our heads when stories of this type emerge. The average Canadian businessperson, watching the evening news and seeing all this bailout money going to the big players has to wonder who will be lining up in Ottawa or Washington next for a similar deal. “Where is my bailout?” they ask.

When the average businessperson is working longer hours to make less, laying off employees, borrowing money from family and friends because the bank won’t return his calls, re-mortgaging the house when the banks do call, filing the separation papers because the spouse has had enough, and missing yet another kids soccer game because mommy or daddy has to work, you have to ask yourself, “What will it take to let the big players feel the same pain as the little guy?”

Don’t worry, I have a plan. First, I will fly my private jet to Ottawa to speak directly to members of parliament and ask for some money. Woops, I just realized that I don’t own a private jet. Perhaps go first class on a commercial flight? Maybe the train? I could walk, but since I would have no prayer of receiving anything regardless, it might be a better use of time to pray that somebody actually gets fired—or better still, shot—for the mismanagement of companies like General Motors, AIG, and Citigroup. Not that I am promoting death for these executives, but a little pain please. Yes, just enough pain to have them whimpering for their “mommas” like the spineless weasels they are.

With great power comes great responsibility. If you fool with the masses, then you should feel the pain, as a result of your actions.

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