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Make 2014 The Best Year Ever

What do you need to do to make 2014 your best year ever?

With the right resolutions and mindset, 2014 will be your most successful year in business.  Combining a recovering economy with your own skills and mental toughness, this could be the year to make your dreams a reality.

Need to refocus to make this happen? Here are my top 10 tips for achieving what you want:

  1. Want it more. Do you want something as much the air you breathe? Something that consumes your thoughts, deeds and actions?  Your need to succeed will determine your results so be prepared to put in the required work to make it happen.
  2. Life is not fair.  Get over it. Take responsibility for your current circumstances, learn from life’s lessons and move forward with gratitude for what you have already achieved.
  3. Focus on the present and the future. Past disappointments can’t be changed, so learn from them then don’t give them a second thought. Accomplishments from the past are ancient history. What have you done today to move your business forward?
  4. Take back the power.  You control your response and attitude to the things you can’t control. Find the positive in every situation and determine how you can use it to your advantage.
  5. Welcome challenges.  Embrace change and uncertainty. Take calculated risks after weighing the probability for success and worst-case scenarios if things go wrong.
  6. Learn from failure. Odds are that 50 percent of your decisions will be wrong. Every failure brings you closer to your ultimate goal, so learn to embrace failure.
  7. Copy the success of others.  Don’t begrudge others who have success. Simply copy what they do and make it your own, so you aren’t stuck reinventing the wheel.
  8. Please yourself first.  Being miserable makes you useless to others. Always be prepared to give of yourself and give more than others would, but also know when to say no with grace. You can’t do it all.
  9. Be happy with your life. Be grateful with what you have and the people you know. Less can be more. If you are alone, you have time to plan your next step. If you are broke, you have nothing to lose by taking risks.
  10. Be in it for the long haul. Immediate results are rare. More probably outcome: baby steps measured and celebrated, as a result of your time and commitment.

Considering the above, do you have the mental toughness to stick it out and ultimately reap the business rewards you dream of?

What is your business resolution for 2014?