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I reviewed the London Free Press article recently allowing Granny flats in the city and the proposed impact on housing near the post secondary schools. (London to debate granny flat demand

The issue as I see it is that this move would simply be legalizing a practice that commonly occurs within the city. As an example, there are no restrictions on individuals who currently renovate basements to accommodate a separate living quarter. Are we naive enough to think that living spaces in single family homes are not currently being rented, especially around the post secondary schools? Legalizing the practice would allow the properties to be designated as a “multi-family” residences which would have benefits from several of perspectives.

The first benefit would be insuring the renovated spaces are to city building codes in term of separate access, window size, fire protection etc.

The second benefit would be to allow homeowners to claim that income for mortgage purposes, which would help them both to qualify for a mortgage and debt service a mortgage. The spinoff benefit of this practice may be more reported income and more tax dollars as a result.

A third benefit may be new space afforded to seniors who could now function independent of their children, but by living in adjacent quarters, would be close enough to be cared for based on their needs.

I don’t see any downside to allowing Granny flats. What is the debate?