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Life is short. No more excuses.

Carrie Garber provides some tips to play with as you continue your process of personal transformation!

Step into total self-love and acceptance.
As you move through your life, how much are your decisions being influenced by wanting approval from others? Are you living someone else’s vision for your life? If so, it is time for you to be grounded and confident in who you are…to embody unwavering trust in your truth. Just imagine how different our world would be if we were all living our most fulfilling lives, overflowing with authenticity and passion.

Stop telling yourself the old stories!
Refuse to give your limiting beliefs and stories any more power. Instead, hold as sacred the creative power of your thoughts and energy. The Law of Attraction speaks to how like attracts like. Given this reality, what do you want to grow more of with your focus? Be crystal clear about the new, empowering beliefs that you are now committed to living, and spend an extravagant amount of time magnifying, savoring and declaring those new beliefs.

Avoid the trap of comparing yourself to others.
How often are you obsessing about others and analyzing how they show up in life? And how often does this lead to worries about not doing it “right,” not being “ready” or not being “good enough?” I want you to know without a shadow of doubt that you are not alone with your fears, doubts and insecurities. We are all on the journey of being human, each and every one of us, no matter how it may look to you from the outside.

Allow your process to be messy.
How might your life be different if you were totally willing to fumble and fall? This is about tapping in the true cost of staying stuck in your comfort zones, continuing to deny yourself and the world of your vision. I want you to declare that this is no longer okay. The world is waiting for your beautiful and unique imprint. You have a contribution to make. So let go and begin taking action.

Release attachment to the idea that it has to be hard.
We tend to have our well-prepared lists of why things are the way they are, as well as a detailed description of the intense challenges or drama associated with making it different. Do your habits and patterns convey disbelief that change and growth could be easy? Well, what if it is? What if, bottom line, playing bigger is primarily a matter of simply letting go of the struggle? Maybe all it takes is to absolutely decide that you are going to release what no longer serves and finally get out of your own way. What if?

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