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People are funny. I have a mortgage colleague who often complains that his business has not taken off as he has expected. His assumption is that he must be missing something like that “magical” marketing piece that is going to have clients beating a path to his door.
A lot of life coach gurus are dedicated to personal improvement, visualization, affirmations, positive thinking and structured goal setting which are all good things towards achieving results. People such as my friend seemingly want to improve the quality of their lives and expect more results from their business yet don’t appear to want to work any harder than they already are. They have the dream but not the drive.
With a good income and asset base it is easy to live off that. 4 hours on the golf course takes priority over 4 hours of client prospecting. A day at the beach is more important than a day of mortgage training. Not that life needs to be about work 24/7 as some personal time is never a bad thing. But when did hard work fall out of fashion as a building block to a better life?
Remember It is only the hungry wolf that hunts
If you are not achieving your business goals it is because you prefer to be right where you are. You are happy, comfortable and have a list of excuses to justify your current reality. You are not the hungry wolf.

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