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Financial Planner I have been searching for a financial planner for quite a while and have been surprised if not shocked on how difficult the process has been. I don’t think my needs are unique. I am seeking someone with an A-Z understanding of all the investment options available to a Canadian investor. They should be able to trade in stocks and make stock recommendations. They should understand managed money options, funds, indexes and insurance products. They should understand the concept of holding a mortgage within a RRSP, investing in a mortgage investment corporation, or in a syndicated mortgage.  They should understand other common niche investment products.

It is with a healthy skepticism of the financial services industry that I continue my search as it appears based on my prior conversations that 80% of those in this business; are uninformed or have no access  to the available products, have motives geared to maximizing their personal compensation over my return, or simply have no concept of performance based compensation and why that might be important to the average client.

I need your help. Is there a financial planner out there who is honest, knowledgeable and willing to work for their rewards? All referrals are appreciated.