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I am a poor loser and I would be the first to admit it. Sales is a very personal game, there is a lot of emotion involved, good and bad, a lot of ups and downs. Which is why it is odd when people say “don’t take it personally, it’s a numbers game”. Mind you they usually say that when you lose a deal, as everyone likes to celebrate a win.  Of course one has to take both personally, if you did not get involved you would be short of one ingredient that you do need to win consistently.

You have been there before. You presented your potential new listing client with a comprehensive sales strategy. Your market assessment and commission structure was the same as the competition. You offered a lot of “value added services” like a free home staging consultation or home inspection. You did everything right and still they listed with another agent.

Call it attitude, passion, the will to win, or other names; it is at the core of good selling, it is often the differentiator in the eye of the buyer.  After all, if all things are equal, you’ll go with the winner, the one who projects success, and demonstrates the substance to deliver it.

Some say that people buy foremost from those they like and trust.  This may be true, but ideologically simplistic. All thing being equal, the deal may be decided on price. Another school says that if all things are equal, including price, the deal will go to those who have demonstrated greater knowledge.  But if this is equal as well, then what?  In those cases it will go to the agent who wants it most, the ones that are able to demonstrate that they will use all the resources to make the deal happen by taking an extra step at every stage of the sale.  From the initial image and message they project through the phone on the first call, the additional question they use, the patience they use to get inside the buyers’ decision process. You must be able to prove that you are the “Best” the industry has to offer.

Unfortunately this is a trait that cannot be captured in a chapter or two of a slick sales book, it cannot be practiced or rehearsed, it comes down to doing.  It is the ability to make that extra mile seem that much longer.  Often when I am asked why I won a specific deal, the only answer I have is “I wanted it more than the competition”; how often do you?

I trust this blog (inspiration from Tibor Shanto) has struck a cord with you. If we are currently not doing business together then I need to show you why I am the “Best” the mortgage industry have to offer. (Sorry, but your part time mortgage broker nephew who has been in business a year, does not qualify as the best) Let me show you why you must surround yourself with other associates who are the best at what they do as well. Let’s grab a coffee. Let me know what day and time work best for you.

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