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Teams are the way to go. The Ravens are a team; they won the last Super Bowl. The Prime Minister’s Cabinet is a team; they run the country. The astronauts are a team on each launch; they successfully negotiate space/the moon/the space station.

Whether it’s football, government or exploring the final frontier, teamwork is necessary to success. Without the right players, a team can’t win.

You need the right team working for you when you’re buying a home. In the next four blog entries, the right kinds of people to bring to your team will be discussed. A realtor, a mortgage agent, a real estate lawyer and an insurance agent are all vital team members.

In part three of this four-part blog, I’ll look at attributes you should look for in a lawyer with star power.

The LawyerLawyer-image

Real estate transactions are the bread and butter of many law firms and are relatively simple to complete if all goes as scheduled. Here is what to look for:

1.Does he/she work with a team? Can this team work to your timetable?
2.What is the base fee and what are his/her disbursement fees. Get a quote in advance, as the disbursement fees vary greatly from firm to firm.
3.Does the legal team do litigation work? Real estate transactions are simple until a problem occurs, but you need to be prepared for this eventuality. How experienced is he/she in seeking remedies?
4.Does he/she specialize in a specific area of real estate? Purchasing investment properties, for example, brings a host of other legal considerations – from proper licensing to liability issues to revenue and expense verification, etc. Does he/she know what to include in an offer to purchase?